Refund Policy

Objective: This refund policy will be applicable to cancellation of Fellowship / Certificate program fees


i. Course Fee:

Case 1: In case a student applies for admission in a course and pays full fee and charges but decides not to join the course within 15 days from the date of admission, then s/he may get refund amount of up to 50% of the amount paid less processing fee.
Case 2: In case a student applies for admission in a course and pays full fee and charges and has also registered for the course programme, and leaves after 15 days of the date of admission, then s/he may not get any refund amount.
Case 3: In case a student dies or is rendered physically handicapped because of any mishap or illness that would make him/her unable to pursue the studies, then, the matter of refund would merit extraordinary discretion of the Academy director to decide about.

ii. Other Fees – Non-refundable

Registration, Application, Admission, Entrance Exam, Transcript, Correction, Duplicate Mark sheet/Certificate, Hardcopy, Verification and any other document fees are non-refundable.

iii. Wrongly payment of fees into other student account.

While making on-line payment of course fees, due to system/typo error if paid to other student account, then Student must inform in writing to [email protected] along with payment details, after verifying bank transaction, amount will be refunded through cheques/ DD/Banker’s Cheques and transaction costs (if any) will be borne by the payer. There will be no electronic reversal/refund of payments.

iv. Payment of fees to wrong head

While making on-line payment of Course fees, due to wrong selection of head if fees paid by the Student then no amount will be refunded.

v. Payment of refunds (Refund request)
  • Students must complete the Student Refund Request and submit to [email protected]
  • Refunds shall be made, within 15 working days of receipt of refund request.
  • Candidate must provide following information about bank along with the request

    i. Name of Account Holder
    ii. Bank Name
    iii. Bank Branch and address
    iv. Account Number
    v. IFSC code of the Bank

  • The Indian Academy of Optometry will not be held responsible for any disputes or other matters arising due to the completeness or correctness of the particulars provided in the refund request. The student unconditionally agrees that the particulars provided are correct in all respects and will not make the academy party to any disputes which may arise due to furnishing of such particulars.
  • The date of receipt of letter or email shall be treated as date of request. Delay or no receipt of request shall be responsibility of the candidate
  • The INDIAN ACADEMY OF OPTOMETRY Refund policy as set out above applies to these refunds.
vi. Student expulsion

Students excluded from the Academy for Disciplinary Reasons, or deported from the country for contravening visa requirements will forfeit all fees.