Clinical Optometry Aptitude Test

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Question 1 of 30

Pick up the correct statement

  • A Dk is a measure of the permeability of a material
  • B Dk is the oxygen transmissibility of a material
  • C Dk is the oxygen flux of a material
  • D All of these

Question 2 of 30

Low water content contact lenses are best for

  • A Aniridia
  • B Dry eye
  • C Filamentary keratitis
  • D Glaucoma

Question 3 of 30

Dry eye is a contraindication of contact lens

  • A TRUE

Question 4 of 30

A 26 year old woman presents to the office to be fitted with soft contact lens for the first time .The case history reveals that the patient is 3 month pregnant.All other findings make this patient a good contact lens candidate.

  • A Advice her daily wear soft contact lens to avoid complications
  • B Educate her about pregnancy period and ocular conditions and give soft contact lens
  • C Advice her to use monthly wear contact lens
  • D None of these

Question 5 of 30

DK/L value depends on

  • A Permeability of lens material
  • B Thickness of the lens
  • C Temperature at which test is performed
  • D All of these

Question 6 of 30

Choose the correct statement

  • A Smaller the wetting angle greater the wettability of lens
  • B Smaller the wetting angle smaller the wettability of lens
  • C Greater the wetting angle greater the wettability of the lens
  • D All of these

Question 7 of 30

Convert in to contact lens power -5.00dsp/-1.50dcyl*180

  • A -5.00dsp/[email protected]
  • B -4.50dsp/-0.50dcyl*180
  • C -4.75dsp/-1.25dcyl*180
  • D -4.75dsp

Question 8 of 30

Decreasing the lens diameter loosens the lens fit

  • A TRUE

Question 9 of 30

Pick up the steep base curve

  • A 7.6
  • B 8
  • C 8.7
  • D 7

Question 10 of 30

Choose the correct statement

  • A If the contact lens is steeper by 0.05mm,-0.25D should be added with the contact lens power
  • B If the contact lens is steeper by 0.50mm,-0.25 should be added with contact lens power
  • C If the contact lens is flatter by 0.50mm,+0.25 should be added with contact lens power
  • D If the contact lens is flatter by 0.05mm,-0.25D should be added with contact lens power

Question 11 of 30

Patient fitted with -2.50/8.6/14 soft contact lens in both eye.While fit evalaution It seems like heavy lens movement in both eyes What will be the possible solution

  • A Reduce the base curve
  • B Apply FAP
  • C Increase the base curve
  • D Both a and b

Question 12 of 30

The accommodative demand of a myope is greater in contact lenses than with spectacles

  • A TRUE

Question 13 of 30

Haptic lenses are small diameter rigid contact lens that cover the entire surface &rest on sclera

  • A TRUE

Question 14 of 30

Expand CLARE

  • A Contact lens induced red eye
  • B Contact lens induced arcuate red eye
  • C Contact lens induced acute red eye
  • D Contact lens infected red eye

Question 15 of 30

Which is the wrong statement belongs to RGP contact lenses

  • A Impermeable to oxygen
  • B Have higher DK value
  • C Being hard cause corneal abrations
  • D It obsolate now

Question 16 of 30

Pick up the disadvantage of of high water content lenses

  • A Decrease thickness of lens
  • B High oxygen delivery to cornea
  • C Increase access of cornea to atmosphere
  • D Presence of small pores

Question 17 of 30

A 20 year old woman is prone to deposits .she replaces her lenses about every 2-3 weeks .Changing the care regimen does not appear to solve the problem.What will be the solution

  • A Change the contact lens brand
  • B Use daily disposible contact lens
  • C Change contact lens solution
  • D None of these

Question 18 of 30

You use the duochrome test to refine the refraction of the patient.The patient says the red letters are much clerer than the green letters.The patient

  • A Is over plused
  • B Is over minused
  • C Is anisometropic
  • D Is presbyopic

Question 19 of 30

With out correction ,A child complaints that object closer than 33cm are blurry .Cycloplegic refraction measured +6.00D sphere OU .How much accomodation does this child

  • A 6.00D
  • B 12.00D
  • C 3.00D
  • D 9.00D

Question 20 of 30

20 years old boy came for eye check up and while doing trial and error method examiner got +2.00D and while doing cycloplegic refraction examiner got +2.50D .Find absolute hyperopia

  • A +2.00D
  • B +0.50D
  • C +2.50D
  • D None of these

Question 21 of 30

Pick up the odd one

  • A FRIEND Test
  • B Worth four dot test
  • C Duochrome test
  • D Turville infinity balance test

Question 22 of 30

Fogging technique helps to find out total hyperopia

  • A TRUE

Question 23 of 30

23 year old boy came for contact lens fitting.While checking refraction it was showing -2.50D/[email protected] ,The keratometric reading was K1 [email protected] and K2 [email protected] will be the residual astigmatism

  • A -0.50D
  • B -1.75D
  • C -1.5D
  • D -0.75D

Question 24 of 30

Rani was checking PRA value for 14 years old girl.The value was showing -4.50.

  • A The girl having Excess accommodation
  • B Deficiency of accommodation
  • C Infacility of accommodation
  • D None of these

Question 25 of 30

One patient tested with accommodative flipper.It was showing 10cycle/minute,Orthoptist adviced

  • A Hart chart
  • B cat card
  • C opaque eccentric circle
  • D Transparent eccentric circle

Question 26 of 30

Vergence flipper used to assess

  • A Convergence facility
  • B Divergence facility
  • C Vergence facility
  • D None of these

Question 27 of 30

Fogging technique helps to find out

  • A Facultative hyperopia
  • B Absolute hyperopia
  • C Latent hyperopia
  • D Total hyperopia

Question 28 of 30

Zero retinomotor values gives blurred vision

  • A TRUE

Question 29 of 30

Who invented the first bifocals?

  • A Bausch & Lomb
  • B Allvar Gullstrand
  • C Benjamin Franklin
  • D John Mc Aliister

Question 30 of 30

BO prism will make the eye

  • A Outwards
  • B Inwards
  • C Upwards
  • D Downwards